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Cardiff Academy offer a variety of courses for various levels of Education. Please use the links below to find out more about each course.


If it’s your ambition to go to university in the UK, then you should consider taking your A-levels first. Although UK universities do accept other entrance qualifications, the admissions system is geared towards A-levels.

While A-levels are important for admission to university, they also provide advantages later on. A-levels and their grade levels – are widely recognised by employers around the world. A strong set of A-level results, combined with your degree, will help you stand out from other candidates. This is a great way to demonstrate consistent performance and your ability to meet international standards of excellence.

Given these benefits, it’s not surprising that A-levels are not only the best way to make the transition from school to university, but are the best way to prepare yourself for a bright and successful future.

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Most foundation programmes offer you very limited choices, often to just one university. Cardiff Academy’s International Foundation Year gives students access to a wide range of universities and degree courses worldwide.

Our programmes also include a specialist English for Academic Purposes module designed to provide the language and study skills that will give students a head start on their undergraduate degrees in the UK.

Cardiff Academy offers outstanding academic and social facilities, giving students access to a stimulating and safe learning environment. All of our staff are fully qualified and are experts in their field.

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  • For anyone wanting to upgrade their English language level ahead of a postgraduate degree programme
  • Those wanting to ensure they have the academic skills necessary for successful postgraduate study in English
  • Anyone wanting to improve their career pathway, prospects through skills development& postgraduate study
  • Employers/sponsors looking to upskill their workforce through postgraduate study and want a one-stop solution with academic and language preparation and the application processes
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Our English Language Preparation Programme is a fast and effective programme that focuses on improving your reading, writing, listening and speaking skills, enabling you to join our A-Level, Foundation or Undergraduate Programme

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