Message from the Principal

I am delighted to have joined this fast growing vibrant college where we have high aspirations for students, staff, parents and guardians.

Since Cardiff Academy opened in 1999, students have consistently achieved places at some of the most prestigious universities in the UK, including Oxford and Cambridge, gaining entry onto competitive degree courses such as Medicine, Law and Dentistry. This consistently high level of performance has quite rightly been recognized by Estyn in their 2020 Inspection report and has enabled all our Year 13 students to receive degree offers from their first choice Universities. We pride ourselves on this achievement which is a reflection of the hard work of both students and staff.

We believe it is important to develop the whole individual and our inclusive learning environment where we aspire for all students to reach their potential. through our nurturing approach we are able to get to know the students very well and can easily anticipate where they may need additional support with their learning.

We consistently aim to build confidence in our students, along with a passion of learning parallel to our outstanding teachers. Academic staff have been carefully recruited having a passion for their subjects and the ability to impart that knowledge to eager learners. In creating this secure, rich learning environment we are confident our students will grow into learned young people.

I am proud to be the Principal of Cardiff Academy and together with the students, staff and parents will endeavor to build on excellent foundations for the College to continue to thrive.

Mrs Caroline Williams,