Why study A-levels in the UK

July 2020
The Benefits of studying A-Levels in the UK are endless, as it is the best way to
prepare for the top Universities all over the world!

We currently have a few Scholarships left for International students to come to
the UK and study A-Levels at Cardiff Academy.

Summer Academic Programme

June 2020
SUMMER ACADEMIC PROGRAMME IS AVAILABLE TO BOOK NOW! 🙌🏻 For those of you who are worried about how this pandemic may have affected your studies, why not get prepared for the year ahead with Cardiff Academy’s Summer Programme! Perfect for those who are progressing into AS and A2 studies 👌
For more information please feel free to contact us via email enquires@cardiffacademy.co.uk

Student Video

June 2020
With everything that is going on in the world currently, it can be difficult to remember that better days are coming! Thanks to year 12 who took part in making this little lighthearted video, to remind one another to stay safe,
stick to the NHS guidelines if you leave your home, remember what’s important,
if your protesting be sure to do it safely, if you’re not coping with what’s going on currently make sure you speak to somebody 🌍❤️

Student Accommodation Tours

May 2020

Thinking of studying at Cardiff Academy but worried about Accommodation?
We can help with that as we have student accommodation available
within walking distance of the Academy 
Why not check it out and take a virtual tour on the website

Online Learning

May 2020

GOOGLE CLASSROOM ; online lessons taking place with our international students from all over the world 🌍

Cakes to Feed the Fasting

April 2020

Two of our year 13 students have taken it upon themselves to help others in this uncertain time and during the holy
month of Ramadan. ‘Cakes to feed the fasting’ They smashed their first target of £150 in just days, then continued to
do well by reaching their second goal in a WEEK!! Lets keep this going and help these two, help others. Let’s help
these two go above and beyond for the second time and donate anything we can also there’s cake!? So why wouldn’t you? Well done girls for using this time to make the most of your baking hobby to help others @marizadelights

Students Guide to Learning from Home

April 2020

Learning at home can sometimes be difficult with all the distractions, but here’s some tips to make this time
productive and useful for next year 🍎📚 Remember to download Schoop and Google Classroom
if you haven’t already as that is where your study material will be as well as access to your teachers should you
need any help.

Covid 19

March 2020

We support the decision to close schools in Wales, from Friday 20th March. Cardiff Academy will continue to support and educate all our students in the UK and abroad remotely via Google Classroom and Skype. Through this period of uncertainty, we will stand together to ensure the safety and well-being of all and get through this together.

Access to Healthcare

February 2020
Some of our year 12 students attended the Access to Healthcare last week with Cardiff University, a
perfect opportunity for any students looking to venture into the healthcare industry.

Moved Premises

January 2020
Cardiff Academy is proud to announce that due to remarkable growth we have moved to our brand new,
modern building situated in the heart of Cardiff City Centre.


Maths Challenge Regional Finals

November 2019
Our Students thoroughly enjoyed the Senior Maths Challenge this week with UK Mathematics Trust!
Well Done all four of you, for representing Cardiff Academy.

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