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How to apply


Having read through the information on this website and decided which Course it is you wish to apply for;


  • Contact Cardiff Academy on 02920 409 630, ask for Mrs Davies and give us a brief outline of your situation.
  • Arrange an interview time now or call-back and arrange one later.
  • The purpose of the interview is for us to meet you and decide whether or not to offer you a place, therefore, be sure to bring with you any information you feel might be helpful to us in making our decision such as copies of your exam results, school reports etc.
  • If we decide to offer you a place you will be made a Conditional Offer at interview, with written confirmation following by post.
  • If you decide you would like to secure your place at Cardiff Academy, all you need do is return a completed copy of the Registration Form (enclosed with the Prospectus you received) together with the £150 registration fee.
  • Your place at Cardiff Academy for the coming academic year is now secure. You will receive written confirmation of this by post together with any additional information you need prior to the commencement of study such as term dates, reading materials etc.



Cardiff Academy : The Inclusive College is not just a marketing device but something we truly believe in. What this phrase encapsulates is our core aim; to hold open the opportunity of success at A-level and GCSE to the widest possible range of students. Consequently, most of the Courses we offer have no formal minimum entry requirement, the only exception being entry to Year 12 (AS). Of course, this does not mean student entry to Cardiff Academy is unrestricted. Indeed, we inspect the academic profile of each potential student as closely as anywhere else. What it does mean, however, is that academic achievement is not the sole determinator for entry but merely part of the overall picture. Each applicant is therefore assessed in the round as regards their academic track-record, future potential, likely contribution to College life and much more besides. It is this holistic, experienced-based approach to student entry which makes Cardiff Academy inclusive and which marks us out as different from other independent schools and colleges in Wales.


Our detailed entry requirements are as follows;


Year 12 (AS)

Our minimum entry requirement is five GCSE subjects at grade C. However, under exceptional circumstances we have been known to offer a place to students with less than five GCSE grades at C. That said, most of the students we accept into year 12 each year offer more than just five subjects at GCSE and most have achieved at least some grades at A* and A. Academic scholarships are available for those offering ten or more GCSE subjects at A* or A. As regards entry to the Sciences, Maths and Modern Languages at AS, our normal requirements are as follows;

AS Maths: A minimum of grade B in GCSE Maths


AS Sciences: A minimum of grade B in GCSE Science and Additional Science or a minimum of grade C in GCSE Biology, Chemistry and Physics


AS French, German, and Spanish: A minimum of grade B at GCSE in the appropriate language.


Repeat Year 12 (Repeat AS)

We have no minimum entry requirement for students wishing to repeat their AS year with us prior to progression through to A-level (A2) the following year.


Year 13 (A2)

We have no minimum entry requirement for students wishing to transfer to Cardiff Academy for Year 13.


Repeat A-level in One Year

We have no minimum entry requirement for students wishing to repeat their A-levels with us prior to University application.


Repeat GCSE

We have no minimum entry requirement for students wishing to repeat GCSE subjects with us prior to moving on to A-level or employment.


Year 10 and Year 11 GCSE

We have no minimum entry requirement for students wishing to transfer from other schools to Cardiff Academy for Year 10 or Year 11 GCSE



It is now quite normal for AS students in private schools to be excluded from A-level studies unless they achieve the minimum grades at AS deemed acceptable by the school. Whilst we understand why most private schools and colleges do this and respect their right so to do, Cardiff Academy has no minimum requirement for progression to A-level as regards the grades achieved by its students at AS.


Once again, this makes Cardiff Academy different from other fee-paying school or college in Wales.

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