GCSE Courses

GCSE Courses

Year 10 and 11 GCSE
Suitable for:

  • Students currently in Year 9

Students from other schools often transfer to Cardiff Academy for Years 10 and 11 for a wide variety of reasons. Common reasons include: insufficient individual support due to large class sizes; disruption caused by classmates at school; lack of flexibility in regards to subject combinations; and insufficient academic support for brighter students. Those who make this decision to move to Cardiff Academy thrive and go on to exceed expectations when they receive their GCSE results. Most then return to study their A-levels with us prior to attending university.

1-Year GCSE
The one-year GCSE course is designed for international students, many of whom do not take a formal examination at this stage, who wish to follow an A-level programme and subsequently study at a top UK or US university. It is a stand-alone qualification, the results of which are also taken into account in the entry process for top university courses.

GCSE Subject Choice

In Years 10 and 11, students at Cardiff Academy follow a core curriculum consisting of the following six subjects:

Biology | Chemistry | Physics | English Language | English Literature | Mathematics

Students may then choose up to four additional subjects from the following list:

Art | Photography  | French | Geography | German | History |ICT | Law | Psychology | Sociology

Other subjects may be possible on request depending upon demand and teacher availability.

Key points

  • Small class sizes with no more than ten students per class
  • Expert teaching from subject specialists, most of whom are also examiners
  • High degree of individual academic and pastoral support
  • Regular exam-based testing and feedback
  • Flexible subject combinations

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