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Cardiff Academy - Results Introduction


  • Since 1999, every Cardiff Academy student has gained access to University
  • The most common A-level grade achieved at Cardiff Academy since 1999 is grade A
  • Large numbers of Cardiff Academy students have achieved access to Russell Group Universities to study some of the most competitive Degree Courses offered in the UK today


The A-level results at Cardiff Academy are published in the form of a complete results table showing all grades achieved by all students since 1999, together with the year these grades were achieved, the Degree Course the student went up to study and the University they attended. The reason for publishing our results in this way is because, in our opinion, this method is more transparent and less open to manipulation than any other. By identifying years, grades, Universities and Degree Courses every single item in the list may be independently verified by the University concerned and cross-checked against our own records for added security. This is not possible when results are published as percentage grades as they are elsewhere.


As you will see, large numbers of students from Cardiff Academy have achieved access to Russell Group Universities, including Oxford and Cambridge, to join highly competitive Degree Courses such as Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Engineering, Maths, English and Law. In addition, far and away the most common A-level grade achieved by students from Cardiff Academy since 1999 is grade A. However, what these tables also show are some students with A-level grades which most independent schools and colleges would consider unacceptable for publication. Not so Cardiff Academy. Not only are we willing to publish our full list of results, we are proud to do so because, as their teachers, we know that many of those at the bottom worked just as hard as those at the top and therefore deserve equal recognition with the rest.


What our results tables also demonstrate is that no matter what grades a student entered Cardiff Academy with and no matter what grades they achieved in the end, every single one of our students since 1999 has gained access to University to read the Degree subject of their choice. Given the wide range of students we accept each year, the fact our track-record for student placement at University is 100% stands as proof that what we say we deliver in our prospectus is also true in practice.


In the tables which follow, each student is ranked according to the following points score;

A/A* = 5: B = 4: C = 3:   D = 2: E = 1: U = 0


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