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Cardiff Academy A Level Courses

Two-Year A-Level Course

Suitable for:

  • Students currently in Year 11


Unlike in England, Wales will be retaining the current AS/A-level system virtually intact. What this means for students in schools and colleges in Wales is that entry to University will continue to be based largely upon AS grades achieved at the end of year 12. As is the case today, therefore, what UK University Admissions Tutors will continue to be looking for in applicants from Wales are top AS-grades. Due to small class-sizes [max 8 students], expert tuition from subject specialists and the enormous amount of individual support they receive, students entering Cardiff Academy in year 12 can normally expect to achieve excellent AS grades first time around and, because of this, progress to the University and Degree Course of their choice.


  • Students wishing to repeat year 12 (AS)


As is the case today, students in Wales who fail to achieve their potential at AS first time around will remain at a distinct disadvantage with respect to University entry compared with those offering better grades at AS. In addition, it is possible that Universities in the UK will decide the Year 12 Course of study in England is harder than the AS Course being offered in Wales. If this does turn out to be the case, future students from Wales offering poor AS grades will be placed at an even greater disadvantage than they are today. Whatever Universities decide as regards the merit of these two systems, however, it will remain the case that students from Wales who achieve poor AS grades on their first attempt would be best advised to repeat their AS year if they wish to remain competitive in terms of University entry. For obvious reasons, few are willing to do this in the same school and, therefore, many students decide that a move to Cardiff Academy at this stage is in their best interests. Almost always, the benefit is a significant uplift in grades, an increase in self-confidence and a willingness to aim higher than ever before. Repeating one`s AS year is therefore the exact opposite of a backward step. Rather, it represents maturity and the belief that the AS grades achieved thus far are not a true reflection of ability. Very often, this can be a life-transforming experience. In addition, it has the distinct advantage of allowing students a further twelve months to decide upon such things as career direction and University application.


One-Year AS/A2/A-Level Course


Suitable for:


  • Students wishing to improve their A-Level grades in one or more subjects
  • Students wishing to transfer to Cardiff Academy for Year 13 [A2]
  • Students wishing to take one or more AS or A-Level subjects from scratch


Unlike most schools or Colleges in Wales, at Cardiff Academy it is possible for students to improve their overall grade at A-level in one year by attending both AS and A2 classes each week. This gives the best possible chance of improvement because it allows students to integrate AS and A2 work in line with the demands of the new A-level system. This same flexibility also allows students to study for AS or A-Level subjects from scratch in just one year.


AS and A-Level Subject List




Key Points:

  • Small class sizes [no more than eight students per class]
  • Expert teaching from subject specialists, most of whom are also Examiners
  • High degree of individual academic and pastoral support
  • Regular exam-based testing and feedback
  • Flexible subject combinations
  • Expert, up-to-date University Admissions [UCAS] advice and support


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